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Fuchs Titan XTR 5w30 5L

Product Code: TITAN001
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Fuchs Titan XTR 5w30 5L

High performance fuel economy synthetic engine oil

TITAN XTR 5W/30 combines a synthetic base oil with the latest and highest performance inhibitors available. Detergent, dispersant, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors and friction modifiers are incorporated to give excellent performance in many modern gasoline and small diesel engines.

TITAN XTR 5W/30 offers outstanding performance, durability and fuel economy Extreme thermal stability and resistance to deposit formation make TITAN XTR 5W/30 suitable for use in many diesel and gasoline engines fitted to modern passenger cars and light commercials.


TITAN XTR 5W/30 is recommended for all applications where SAE 5W/30 engine oil of ACEA A1/B1, ACEA A5/B5 and/or API SJ/SL/CF is specified. It is particularly suitable for use in the latest Ford gasoline and diesel engines where this type of oil gives maximum fuel economy and engine durability.


  • Outstanding thermal stability reduces deposit and sludge formation
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity gives very rapid oil circulation on cold start
  • Excellent oil consumption control
  • Superb anti-wear performance protects moving parts and prolongs engine life
  • Catalytic converter compatible
  • Low viscosity and inclusion of friction modifiers give maximum fuel economy
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