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What to Do if You Have Failed your NCT on Emissions?

Posted by MC 10/08/2015 1 Comment(s)

So every vehicle in this country has to complete the NCT at some stage or another, so I think it’s appropriate to start off by introducing this very important product Dipetane that everyone should use. So what is dipetane you say?  It is a fuel treatment used to reduce carbon emissions. It helps to pass NCT/DOE/MOT emission/smoke tests rapidly.  It cuts your fuel bills by 10%, cuts pollution by 25% and lowers smoke by 50%.

What to Do if You Have Failed on Emissions?
If you failed the NCT Emissions test you should buy a 1 litre bottle of Dipetane that is only going to cost you €10.00 here at Munster Car Parts instore or online. Drive your car for 1 to 2 days and then take a re-test. Most Motorists should pass on the 2nd attempt.

Dipetane is a 100% hydrocarbon liquid fuel treatment as opposed to an additive. It contains nothing that is not already in the fuel. Dipetane assumes the characteristics of the fuel it is treating. It is a single product for all fuels. It has its own lubricant and it complies with all relevant British and USA Standards, including low sulphur fuels. Dipetane is “self-mixing” . That is to say: just add Dipetane to your fuel and that’s it.


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1 Comment(s)

18/05/2017, 04:47:58 PM, Google

So sorry did read your info - just failed NCT test on omissions. Car serviced on Monday said I wS going for NCT feel very annoyed

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