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Dipetane Fuel System Treatment 1 Litre - Oil

Dipetane Fuel System Treatment 1 Litre

Product Code: DP001
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Dipetane Fuel System Treatment 1 Litre

  • Fuel Savings and Engine/Boiler Protection
  • Dipetanes More Complete Combustion
  • Helps to pass NCT/MOT/DOE Emission/Smoke Tests rapidly

Dipetane burns the carbons that would normally cause carbon deposit build-up extending both your oil and engine life.

Proven in over 100 million miles of service, Dipetane improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, extends oil life and reduces engine wear.

  • Cuts your fuel bills by 10%
  • Cuts pollution by 25%
  • Lowers smoke by 50%
  • Reduces your maintenance costs
  • Proven performance in Europe and USA

At the heart of Dipetane's ability to increase fuel economy 10% to 15% is its more efficient and complete fuel burn. The result is increased energy release and a longer, more powerful expansion in the combustion chamber.

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